Arantes Isaac Sarmento

If we continue to roam, with no strength to enforce the law right at the beginning of our independence, by the time corruption develops deep roots it will be most difficult to combat it

Arantes Isaac Sarmento | Mayor of Manufahi Municipality

"If we continue to roam, with no strength to enforce the law right at the beginning of our independence, by the time corruption develops deep roots it will be most difficult to combat it"

Arantes Isaac Sarmento, moris iha Suku Letefoho, Posto Administrativu Same, Munisipiu de Manufahi, iha dia 1 de Maio de 1975, hosi maun alin nain sanulu resin rua, (12), feto 4 no mane 8, no oan ba dala sanulu resin ida husi inan Alcina Isaac (matebian), no Aman Jose Doutel Sarmento (matebian), ho naran istima iha uma no familia, sempre bolu Arou. Iha tinan 2003, hari uma kain, hodi kaben ho Rahayu Prasetiani Baptista, no iha oan nain tolu; ida primeiru, naran Fabrizio Baptista Isaac Sarmento, segundo, naran Margareth Baptista Isaac Sarmento, no terseiru, naran Jose Antonio Baptista Isaac Sarmento. Moris iha familia ne’ebé simples tamba iha tempo português aman hanesan funsionario Agrikultura, hamutuk ho Ir. Mario Viegas Carrascalo (matebian), no iha tempo Indonesia hanesan Kepala Dinas Pertanian TK II Kabupaten Manufahi, no inan hanesan ema Agrikultor. Iha tempo sei kiik, Inan ho Aman sempre hanorin ami atu badinas reza no ba Misa, tengki iha honestidade, diak ba ema hotu, mesmu ema halo aát hasoru ita, tengki hatene fo perdua, tengki iha displina.

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1. Geography

Manufahi is one of the 12 Municipalities of Timor-Leste, located in the central part of Timor. It is a mountainous region with several high summits such as mount Cablaki, mount Manufahi, and mount Liurai in Fahinehan. It shares borders with the Municipalities of Manatuto (east), Ainaro (west), Aileu (north) and is bordered by the Timor Sea (south). It has four Administrative Posts: Alas, Fatuberliu, Same and Turiscai, which together regroup 21 sucos. In terms of demography, Manufahi has a total population of 56,844 (Census 2015 – projection for 2019) and a population density of 42,84 pp/km² for an area of 1,326.60 km². Tetun, Mambae, Laklei, Tetun Terik are the main languages, although some small areas also speak Bunak and Kemak.

2. Toponymy

Like other Municipalities, the name of Manufahi Municipality has its own history. It is composed of two Tetun words: Maun and Fahe, or Manu and Fahi, depending on the version. The story states that in the years 1911/1912, four siblings who had divided the land between them, eventually submitted to one only, giving the land the name of Maun (Big Brother) and Fahe (Divide). According to another version, in Daisua there was a rooster that flew from the mountain and sat down on the back of a pig and together they traveled through many places, and returned to Manufahi.

3. History

Historically, before the Portuguese established their authority in Manufahi, the land was ruled by the traditional authority of Kings and Queens. The reign of the Manufahi kingdom, located in the south coast of Timor-Leste, started in the 17th century. It became especially rich and powerful between the end of the 19th century and the beginning the 20th century.
The Governor António Coelho Guerreiro established 11 districts on April 20 1859. Manufahi was then named District of Dotic, and was part of a region called Alas composed of Manufahi, Alas, Raemean, Cammnassa and Suai. Under Indonesian occupation, Manufahi was an independent district, and later became a Municipality.

4. Climate

In term of climate, Manufahi Municipality aligns with the majority of Timor-Leste. From May to July it rains on average twice a week. November to April registers a high amount of rain, with an average of 2 hours of rain per day. From August to October, the climate is dry and hot without rain. Temperatures averages between 23°C and go down to 27°C.

5. Points of interest

The points of interest in Manufahi Municipality include Mount Cablaki, Dom Boaventura Statue, Antiga Prison, and Betano Coast.

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  1. Ajensia Fiskalizasaun Munisipal

    Diploma Ministerial (DM.No.48/2016, 30 Setembru) 1) Artigu 61: Missaun: assegura realizasaun husi asaun sira inspesaun nian no auditoria ba organizasaun no funsionamentu orgaun no

  2. Servisu Munsipal Aprovisionamentu

    Servisu Munisipal Aprovisionamentu Diploma Ministerial (DM.No.48/2016, 30 Setembru) 1) Artigu 16; Missaun: assegura ba apoio tékniku no administrativu ba kada PAM ou AM no

  3. Servisu Munisipal Apoiu Organizasaun Naun Govermental no Organizasaun Komunitária (SM Apoio ONG & OK)

    Diploma Ministerial (DM.No.48/2016, 30 Setembru) 1) Artigu 22: Missão: assegura apoio tekniku no administrativu ba kada PAM ou AM no aos orgaun no servisu

  4. Servisu Munisipal Administrasaun no Rekursu Humanu

  5. SEII

  6. MTCI

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Arantes Isaac Sarmento
Prezidente Munisipiu Manufahi
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Adriano da Costa
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Franco da Costa Duarte
  • +67076563420
Adelino de Araujo Costa
Administrador do Posto Administrativo Same
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Gil Teofilo Amaral
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Floriano de Fátima dos Santos
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Domingos Soares
Direktor Munisipal Agua no Saneamentu
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Filomeno da Costa Amaral
Direktor Munisipal Fiskalizasaun
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Filomeno Tilman
Xefe Gabinete Apoiu Tekniku Administrador Munisipiu
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Bento de Jesus Nunes
Direktor Munisipal Agensia Planeamentu
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